Monkey Rock


This Sunday we tried to find somewhere nice to go to as a family.  Did you know there are so many secret little spots near Rexburg??  Like, here, Monkey Rock.  It’s just a canal that turns into a cool waterfall and swimming area, in the middle of nowhere,  just past Sugar City.  Here’s a map.



Jensen had fun playing in the water.  He loves swinging his feet and walking around.



And Jensen loved getting dad time.



I am sure LOVING my Keens.



We thought to look around, and Miles took pretty pictures of flowers, and butterflies with broken wings.

IMG_3027IMG_3018 IMG_3017

Monkey Rock was really fun to play in.  We found out there’s places to go underneath the waterfall and swim out.   There are also a couple places to jump off the rocks into the canal.   The water is pretty deep and nice to swim in.  It’s great for kids, but probably older kids because the current can be a little strong.


This is just from our drive home.  Oh, how I’m starting to really enjoy Idaho.



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