My Graduation!!!


Welp!  It’s that time of year…. well kind of.  I guess here in Rexburg, Idaho it is!  What’s important is that I GRADUATED!!!

Class of 2013


I am officailly a college grad, complete with a Bachelor’s degree, and wearing a snazzy black gown and cap.

Man, I look gooooood!!



There were definately times that I just wanted to quit.  And times I didn’t think I was giong to make it.  But somehow I did!  It think it helped when I just took it one day at a time and realized that it was totally possible.  But I could not have done it on my own!

Thank you to my sweet husband for all his support.


And to my family for all their support and for driving alllllll the way here!


Isn’t the temple gorgeous??  We went there to take cool pictures.

Jensen really liked exploring.


And throwing his arm in the air all the time.

IMG_3373 IMG_3344

And getting thrown in the air by his dad.


And getting snuggle and play time with Grandma Liz.

IMG_3301 IMG_3303

And exploring some more.  (Just look at those eyes!!)


But overall, it was an exciting day!  Just that fact that I was able to graduate after having a baby makes me really proud of myself.  And did I tell you that I just got a job?  More will come about that in a later blog.

 But other exciting news is that I got to speak at my convocation.  Eeeeekkk!!!!!!  I was so nervous I was going to pass out.  On Sunday in church, a girl passed out while giving her talk and the idea freaked me out the whole time before I spoke.  Luckily I took deep breaths and unlocked me knees.  And it actually went really well!  I tried to just be myself, but formal of course. 🙂

Here I am:


Here’s me shaking everyone’s hand when they called our names and gave us the diploma cases.  We even got to have President Clark (the president of the school) there, and Elder Gay (of the seventy).

IMG_3712 IMG_3715

When we came out, there was a sick sunset.  I think it was God telling me He was so proud of me.  🙂  Just check it out!


And me and my diploma cover, and the people I love.  (Doesn’t the background look like fire??  It reminds me of the fires of Mordor hehe)



Jensen sure loves my kisses haha.


I knew it would be cool to graduate and walk, but it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!  I loved feeling like a completed something so big.  I knew it’d be cool, but man, it was indescribable.  All those years of late nights and literally a million assignments, I feel like everything I did was totally worth it.  If you ever think maybe it’s a waste of time, or you can’t do it, just know that you’re wrong!  Just take it a day at a time, and know that it is the most amazing feeling to finish and know that you gave it everything you had.

I know it will forever bless my family 🙂



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