The Do’s of Sunday


Sunday is a special day.

Sunday is the Sabbath Day, a holy day.

After a lifetime of learning that we treat this day differently than the rest, I could easily list many things that you shouldn’t do on Sunday, the don’t’s of Sunday.

You don’t go shopping.  You don’t play sports.  You don’t go out to eat.

But nobody really talks about what you should do on Sundays, the do’s of Sunday.

So, it’s the day of rest right? 

After years of just coming home from church and  taking a nap for half the day and then watching movies the rest of the night, I realized that Sunday wasn’t really a special day.  It was kind of lame.  And it didn’t really get me ready for the next week of school, work, running errands, and just stuff to do!

I decided it was time to find meaningful things to do and what the real reason behind making Sunday a special day.

Well, this is what I learned:  Sunday is a day to attend church and worship God.  It is a day to remember our covenants and to remember the sacrifice that Christ made for us by atoning for our sins.  It is a day to leave behind activities of the world and focus on strengthening our relationships with friends and family.

Sunday is a day to serve the people around you.  It’s a day when you can remember the Savior and all He has done for you.  It’s the day you get to remember what’s really important in your life and make goals. It’s a day to put things aside that don’t matter and focus on loving your family and friends more, finding someone to serve, that needs you.  It’s about recognizing your Maker, Heavenly Father.   And I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel closer to God then when I’m outside in the beautiful world he has created.

So Miles and I decided to go on a bike ride to the park to feed the ducks with Jensen.


These ducks know what’s up.  They swarmed us in no time.

IMG_1474 IMG_1479

Jensen got really excited to see the ducks (because they reminded him of Grandma and Grandpa’s house)… but he didn’t really get the concept that you throw the bread at the ducks, not eating it yourself

IMG_1560 IMG_1616


Or eating the dirt or leaves.




It think Jensen had fun… Well we sure did.


There’s always something special about spending time together.  Man, we are such a cute couple!


I think that’s what Sundays are all about:  Growing closer to the people you love and remembering what truly is important.

So, what can you do this next Sunday?



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