Nine Months!


Today is Jensen’s 9 month birthday.

 When people tell you that your kids grow up so fast, they weren’t kidding!

At these benchmarks, it’s so nice to look back and seen how much your kids have grown, or better yet, how much you’ve grown!  It always reminds me the blessing I am so fortunate to have.

Jensen just keeps me so active. Like, he would rather climb out of his crib than take naps.


He likes to play on the trampoline, and with doggies.


He loves to get into trouble.


He loves to help mama with the dishes.


And he just adores grabbing mommy’s earrings off and watching TV with daddy.

IMG_1785     photo (5)

He loves falling asleep while mom and dad go on bike rides.  And even eating anything mom gives him (as long as he can feed himself of course).

photo (6)     photo (1)

He loves having a cousin (that looks a lot like him) to play with.

photo (3)

And especially loves crawling and wearing mustaches.

photo (2)    photo (4)

And there’s just something speacial about hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Blaine.


He just loves laughing and making all the old ladies smile that we pass by.  When I’m having a hard day, he just makes it all better.  He is always happy and knows how to make me feel so loved.  I’m so grateful to have him as my son.  I’m excited to see him start walking soon, and maybe even grow teeth some day.

Even though some days can be hard, stopping to look at everything that has happened, I feel like I’ve changed so much and have a wonderful opportunity to raise such a beautiful child.


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