Egin Lake


With such sunny weather in beautiful Rexburg, we decided to run up to Egin Lake to bake in the sun.  Jensen ventured out into the water, despite the little buggies in the water.


And tried eating the sand.


And got mad when I tried wiping it out of his mouth and off his hands.


Afterward, we bought some KFC and headed over to the school for a “Luau” in the outdoor amplitheater.  It wasn’t really a luau, but we did get to watch people dance to Miley Cyrus.  And Jensen sure enjoyed eating watermelon.


IMG_1017  IMG_1020

Then we just took lots of pictures of him because he’s just so cute.

IMG_1061   IMG_1065IMG_1076   IMG_1079

And pictures of the flowers because we have a cool camera now.

IMG_1046    IMG_1053

Who knew there’s so much to do here in Rexburg!


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